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2019 was my year of Peace. I pick a theme each year instead of making a New Year’s Resolution. (My theme for 2020 is Alignment.) I have been doing this for about ten years now, and I pick my theme based on what I feel I need more of in my life. Some past themes have been Forgiveness, Survival (rough year), Communication, Friendship, and Identity. I’m sure I’ll write about these more pivotal ones, but the first one I wanted to focus on was Peace.

Why peace? My life was anything but. I had two small children with special needs and brain health issues, a husband with narcolepsy, my finances were in disarray, I had recently given up a high paying corporate job to stay home with my kids… it was a long list. Guess what happened after I declared my intention for the year was peace? The Universe said, “Oh yeah? Let’s see if you really mean that.” My husband Jake lost his job, my son started struggling hard core in school, and my daughter’s depression went into overdrive. Throughout that year, our finances took a major hit, we were sued, Jake struggled to find the right job, some crazy stuff went on in my friend group, and sooo many other things that could have made it the exact opposite of peaceful.

During all of this though, I CHOSE to focus on the good, focus on feeling at peace, and focus on the blessings. I started meditating, journaling, and building habits that contribute towards a peaceful life. I learned so much about quieting my mind, directing my focus, and shaping my mindset. I was at PEACE. I didn’t let that year break me. So much good came out of it. I am so much calmer than I have ever been. I was able to transition off of 2 of the three anxiety/depression medications I was on, and I have since transitioned off of the third one. Jake has a job that is much more aligned for him, and the kids are in a much better mental space. I have expanded on and kept my new habits, and I have kept my focus on a PEACEFUL life. I answered the Universe back, “I meant it, and I’ll back it up.”

Even though your life might be anything but peaceful, it can FEEL peaceful if your focus is peace. When you focus on the peaceful moments, having a peaceful attitude, and acting from a peaceful space as much as you can, it will grow. Your focus will become easier and easier to direct. There were plenty of times during the year where I had to FORCE myself to choose peace, to be at peace, and to not give into the chaos around me. There were also plenty of times were I did NOT act in peace, I snapped at my kids or at Jake, and I gave in to the worry and fear. Each time I brought my focus back, I returned to that peaceful state more quickly. Your focus is so powerful, and when you choose to exercise it, it will grow and develop just like muscles do.

During this uncertain time in our world, it is very easy to not feel like anything is at peace, but YOU can be. Find a small bit of time, maybe before everyone is awake, and focus on what is peaceful in your life. Do you have a special spot at home where you feel relaxed? What good is coming out of this time for you? Maybe you have more time for hobbies you have set aside. Maybe you have found ways to give back and help people who are struggling right now. Maybe your routine hasn’t changed much at all depending on what your job is. No matter what your situation, there is a bright spot. Sometimes when I list the things I’m grateful for, it’s small trivial stuff like Skittles. There’s always something though.

What is that one thing that you can focus on right now to make your mind more at peace?

Thanks for being part of the journey!